Our journal is grounded in both depth psychology and somatic inquiry.  By "depth" we  recognize the power of the unconscious-- the individual and collective psyche; by "somatic," we recognize the lived, subjective experience of the the body.

The Cohort-- the journal-- emerged out of an actual doctoral cohort in residence at Pacific Graduate Institute beginning 2016. Many of the contributing writers remain active scholars and practitioners researching this integrated field of study. 

We believe that both the depth and somatic perspectives are important and relevant to our lives. We are living in a time of great polarization, upheaval, disease, disconnect, and large scale crises. The first issue launched December 21st, 2020, about nine months into the global Coronavirus pandemic, a time when politics, education, healthcare, civil rights, labor and industry practices-- our very systems, frameworks, and institutions-- demanded profound reexamination. How we look at our world, the lenses through which we see, inform the moves we make towards change and repatterning. These depth and somatic perspectives are two such lenses inviting us to see, and act, a little bit differently. It is our hope that The Cohort positions us to enter a new paradigm of being. 

We believe that the exchange of valuable ideas, such as those shared in the pages of this journal, should be freely accessed. Please credit our work using APA, MLA, or Chicago guidelines.   

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